Prime Ministers of Qumar
Number Prime Minister - Start End Party Previous Office
1st Neil Sherif January 1st, 1981 January 1st, 1985 Labor Minister for Foreign Affairs
2nd William Monroe January 1st, 1985 January 1st, 1989 Labor Deputy Prime Minister
3rd Quraen Sheraz January 1st, 1989 January 1st, 1997 Cons. Member of Parliament
4th Josh Meceil January 1st, 1997 April 17th, 1998 Labor Leader of the Opposition
5th Julia Fernan April 20th, 1998 January 1st, 2002 Labor Deputy Prime Minister
6th Randal Ashton January 1st, 2002 Incumbent Cons. Leader of the Opposition

(A list of the Prime Minsiters of Qumar)


1980 Qumar Election

1984 Qumar Election