Peraul Mc'Neil was the first leader of the Republic of Qumar after uniting the nation in 1970 behind it's rising oil industry and the international need for resources the nation of Qumar was deeply rich in.

Early YearsEdit

Peraul Mc'Neil was born on April 9th, 1901, in Southern Iran (later to become a piece of Qumar). Peraul was raised by his mother and had four brothers and three sisters. He was the oldest of them all. Peraul attended local schooling much longer than most other children his age, until he was thirteen, before beginning to work in the local marketplace to earn money for his family. At age 19, Peraul, after saving a portion of every dollar he made, moved to Toronto and studied Political Science and Law. Peraul worked as a lawyer in Canada for three years before moving back to Iran to work as a company official for the Iranian National Oil Industry. He later became President of the Organziation.

Peraul also had signifigant influence in political organizations. Peraul, as a chief official for the oil company, would often buy who he wanted into several parliamentary seats in order to ensure his companies safety in courts. Peraul himself ran for Parliament and won in 1950 when his party couldn't find an alternative candidate. During his tenure he was widely accused of being inactive and non-involved in parliament.

The Honorable
Peraul Mc'Neil

1st Supreme Leader of Qumar
In office
April 5th, 1970 – July 9th, 1979
Deputy Chancellor Williams
Preceded by Emperor Ying Wong
Succeeded by Prime Minister Neil Sherif

President of the National Iranian Oil Company
In office
October 3rd, 1958 – December 4th, 1967
Preceded by Joseph Lofeil
Succeeded by Andrewi Mc'Neil

Member of Parliament in Iran
In office
July 1st, 1950 – July 1st, 1952
Preceded by Georgen Fulli
Succeeded by Ulerk Hellard

The Rise of QumarEdit

With a civil war breaking out in Iran in 1967, Peraul retireed as the President of the National Oil Industry, knowing many of the rebels would target the government run organization first. He instead, jumped on board with the rebels and leaked thousands of classified documents from the company and assisted in brining it down. Before it's fall, he sold off all his shares in the company to a friend for millions. In 1969 after the death of the Rebels General, Peraul began to lead the charge in Southern Iran and even into Iraq. Over a six month period the rebels claimed massive amounts of land before finally signing a treaty with a new Iranian government near the end of the decade. The land they conquered was theres by right and as such, they formed a new nation with it. The Republic of Qumar was born on April 5th, 1970 with Supreme Leader Peraul at the healm.