The National Party 's 1992 Leadership election lead Justin McCoy to be the new Leader of the party.

National 1992 Leadership
Total Seats 36
Date September 21st, 1992
Candidate #1 Justin McCoy
Candidate #2 Alexander Pent
Candidate #3 Holly Grant
Candidate 1 18 Votes
Candidate 2 11 Votes
Candidate 3 7 Votes

Justin McCoyEdit

Justin McCoy was a Member of Parliament since 1981 and ran for the leadership because of his experience in foreign affairs as a former ambassador from Russia and a former Ambassador of Qumar. Justin won the leadership race on September 21st, 1992.

Alexander PentEdit

Alexander Pent, a little known MP also ran for the leadership to advocate for creating a Labor - National coalition again. He lost the leadership race.

Holly GrantEdit

Holly Grant, an MP, ran for the leadership election on the policy initiative that she would work more with the UN, other nations and that she could keep the parties strong women supports. Her low polling however even among women, lost her the race.