Lebak Perad was the Conservative Party leader from 1981 to 1988.

Early YearsEdit

Lebak Perad was born in 1951, making him one of the youngest politicians in Qumar. Lebak was born in Iran and is a native to the Qumar area. He joined the rebellion at just 18 and fought for Peraul Mc'Neil while attending a college secretly. Lebak later became a professor at just 22 in the new Qumar university and was considered a protegue. Lebak was appointed Deputy Minister of Education under Peraul Mc'Neil.

The Right Honorable
Lebak Perad

Leader of the Opposition
In office
January 1st, 1981 – September 7th, 1988
Succeeded by Quraen Sheraz

Member of Parliament - Qumar
In office
January 1st, 1981 – January 1st, 2001

Deputy Minister for Education of Qumar
In office
March 5th, 1976 – July 9th, 1979
Prime Minister Peraul Mc'Neil

Leader of the OppositionEdit

Lebak was a key founder in the conservative party and, as such, was elected the first leader of the conservative party. Lebak was elected to Parliament in a very conservative district, however, was popular nationally among many districts in the north, which helped his electability. While the party didn't win the first election, they did better than most people expected them to, being so new and the Labor Party having had several years to prepare.

As Leader of the Opposition, Lebak spent most of his time campaigning or hitting the Labor government in Parliament so he could win in 1984. He did a great job and the party gained huge amounts of seats, however, he was not able to get the national party to form a coalition with them, so the party did not re-elect him for the next leadership.

Member of ParliamentEdit

Perad continued to be a member of Parliament for the conservatives even after he was not leader of the party. He's vowed to run for leader of the party again some day, especially since his brother, John Perad, is the Deputy Prime Minister. Perad is an incumbent MP.