The Labor Party 1996 Leadership Election lead to Josh Meceil being re-elected Leader of the Opposition and leader of the party.

Labor 1996 Leadership
Total Seats 142
Date August 31st, 1996
Candidate #1 Josh Meceil
Candidate #2 Yule Bidger
Candidate #3 Paul Repaul
Candidate 1 140 Votes
Candidate 2 4 Votes
Candidate 3 2 Votes

Josh MeceilEdit

Josh Meceil ran again for Leader of the Party and won due to his national popularity and popularity within the party with individuals. Few seriously ran against him.

Other CandidatesEdit

Two other small time candidates ran against Josh Meceil but did not win. They ran to increase their party popularity and show Josh that they could be good cabinet ministers if he did win the Prime Minister elections in December.