The Honourable
Cody Ashton
 45th President of the Republic of Evonian 
Assumed office
January 1st 2013
Proceeded by
Julia Kingston
 59th Prime Minister of Evonian 
In office
January 1st 2003 - January 1st 2013
Proceeded by
William McCullen
Succeed by
To Be Determined
Leader of the Unity Party of Evonian
Assumed office
December 1st 2001
Preceded By
Justin Pereo
Secretary of Education of Evonian
In office
January 1st 1998 - January 1st 2003
Andrew Remero
Secretary of Urban Development of Evonian
In office
January 1st 1993 - January 1st 1998
Andrew Remero
Preceded by
John Wilson
Succeded by
Jessica Sprinsel
National Assembly Representative - MP
In office
January 1st 1986

Political party
Unity Party of Evonian
49 Years Old
1 Child, Married
Law Degree, Political Science Degree

Cody Ashton is the Incumbent and 59th Prime Minister of the Republic of Evonian. He was born in 1964 on May 3rd. He has a degree in political science and Law and has been a member of Parliament in the National Assembly since 1986. He was also the Secretary of Education and Secretary of Urban Development. He was elected leader of the Unity Party in 2001.

Early Life and EducationEdit

Cody Ashton was born May 3rd, 1964, to a family of 4 brothers and 1 sister. He was educated at Harvard University in the United States of America and received a degree in political science, then law. He was later elected the youngest member of the national legislature in history, just barely crossing the age requirement of 26 years old.

Political CareerEdit

Cody was interested in politics from a young age and at 18, as soon as he could vote, he joined and became an active member in his local Unity Party. He was encouraged by the local party president to run for the National Parliament in 1986 and he did so, winning with a huge majority due to his heavy experience in political campaigning and young demeanor. 

Cody served popularly in the assembly, even from a right wing district, for many years, becoming very involved in important legislation, many pieces with Julia Kingston. He was appointed Secretary of Urban Development in 1993 under President Remero, being the only Unity Party member on the cabinet. In 1998, two other unity party members joined the cabinet, one taking his job while he moved to the post of Secretary of Education.

Ashton was elected Prime Minister of the Republic of Evonian following the Hung Federal Election in 2003, he's served as Prime Minister since. Cody Ashton was later appointed the successor of Julia Kingston in the Left wing Coalition's Primaries and he lead the party to another election. In The 2013 Election Cody was elected President of Evonian.