The 2000 Qumar Election resulted in a hung parliament that left Julia Fernan , Incumbent Prime Minister, in office once again. Precceded by the 1996 Qumar Election, succeded by the 2001 Qumar Special Election .

2000 Qumar Parliament Election
Election 2000
Election Results
Majority Party Hung Parliament
Labor Party Seats 183 (45.7%)
Conservative Party Seats 196 (49.0%)
National Party Seats 19 (4.7%)
Party Leaders
Labor Leader Julia Fernan
Conservative Leader Randal Ashton
National Leader Justin McCoy
Formed Coalitions Labor - National Coalition

General ElectionsEdit

The General Election resulted in the first hung parliament in over ten years after immense troubles within the Labor Party in the previous term. Julia did far better than most polls perdicted after having never been in a general election herself, having taking the job from a leadership spill from former Prime Minister Josh Meceil , who reached record low approval ratings. Julia was able to save what was widely expected as a conservative blow out and lead the Labor Party into a coalition with the National Party .

In the final results however, the conservative party still took more seats than the labor party cared to give away. The Conservative Party was sure they would be able to push the labors out within 2 years due to how small the majority really was.

Leadership ElectionsEdit

Due to the high predicatability of all the leadership elections, no individual pages where made. Julia Fernan was re-elected leader of the labor party with a uniamous vote of approval from her fellow members of parliament and Randal Ashton was re-elected leader of the conservative party with over 90% of the votes of its members of parliament.

Holly Grant however did not win the leadership election for the National Party and Justin McCoy stayed in office as minority leader. Holly lost be just three votes in the leadership ballot and McCoy went on to be the next leader of the party.

2000 Parliament