The 1988 Qumar Election lead to the election of the third Prime Minister of Qumar, Conservative Quraen Sheraz through a coalition government with the nationals after a hung parliament result. Precceded by the 1984 Qumar Election. Succeded by the 1992 Qumar Election

1988 Qumar Parliament Election
Election 1988
Election Results
Majority Party Hung Parliament
Labor Party Seats 176 (44.0%)
Conservative Party Seats 184 (46.0%)
National Party Seats 36 (9.00%)
Party Leaders
Labor Leader William Monroe
Conservative Leader Quraen Sheraz
National Leader Angelai Ferri
Formed Coalitions Conservative - National Coalition

1988 Election ResultsEdit

The 1988 Parliament Election of Qumar resulted in a second Hung Parliament. The nationals had switched sides during the election from being closer to Labor to closer to the conservatives who the regularly agreed more with anyways. The Labor party lost about 12 seats in the election while the conservatives picked up about the same. The Nationals and the conservatives then formed a coalition government electing Quraen Sheraz the Prime Minister of Qumar .

Leadership elections where normal in both the Labor party and the National party as incumbents William Monroe and Angelai Ferri where re-elected leaders of their parties. In the conservative party, with the older leader retiring, Quraen Sheraz , a MP from the Nothern area, took control of the opportunity and was able to win 113 votes inside the leadership election on September 3rd, taking control of his party. The conservatives them campaigned vigarously against the labor party under their new leader and were able to pull off a victory in the elections.

1988 Parliament

Hung Parliament - Conservative/National CoalitionEdit

When the Parliament was declared hung, the conservatives immediately went to work on recruiting the nationals. Angelai decided that, because the parties agreed more often than she did with the labors, it was a good idea, so she pushed the party to jump ship, and with 44 votes to 16, they did. The national party voted to elect Quraen Sheraz as Prime Minister of Qumar and Angelai Ferri was appointed Deputy Prime Minister for her second term in office.